Steve Turner

Steve Turner

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
5050 Linglestown Rd
Harrisburg, PA 171129198

Not Your Typical Realtor. Not Your Typical Realtor Bio.

You loathe typical real estate agent bios. Don’t worry, I do too.
They’re like cardboard -- stiff, bland, and identical to every other agent Bio out there. Instead of boasting ad nauseum about awards and accomplishments you’re not interested in, I’m taking the novel approach of actually giving you what you do want -- real answers to real questions you’re probably wondering right now. (Consider it my FAQ section)

 Steve Turner Central PA Realtor Better Results


Will you return my calls and emails?  Steve Turner is the Realtor who will return your call

Yes. Without question.
I realize this is one of the major frustrations the general public has with dealing with agents. I get dozens of calls & hundreds of emails daily, and I work hard to reply as quickly as possible.



I’ve met many Realtors who are jerks. Are you?

avoid jerk realtors use Steve TurnerDepends on who you ask. If you ask certain agents who have stood between my clients and their real estate goals, they'll probably say "yes". There are a handful of people who think I leave golden footprints in the sand. Those are the two extremes, and most people's opinion falls somewhere in the middle.

Here's what I can tell you: I'm honest and candid. I take pride in being approachable and friendly. And if you need a quick real estate brain, or a strong dose of reality, then I’m your guy. Loyalty to family, clients, and friends is one of my core values. Want to really find out if I’m a jerk? Mess with one of those people.


Do You Have Experience doing exactly what I need?Steve Turner is the experienced trusted real estate professional

Until you tell me what you need, there is no way of knowing for sure.
These are some of my "Specialties":

  • New Home Sales & Custom Building
  • Building Vale & Selling Property for Top Dollar in the market
  • Being Successful with expired listings (When others can’t, I CAN!)
  • Helping 1st time buyers through the hurdles of buying. (OK, so I have a soft spot)
  • The local authority on designing & building brand new homes (did I mention that already?)

If your goal or situation isn't represented on that list, don't worry. Contact me anyway. If I can't help, I can get you referred to an another agent who can.


What kind of skills are you really good at?      Steve Turner is the agent with New home Skills

On a personal level, I'm pretty good at cooking (I grill a mean streak and make a great peanut butter pie) and they say I'm not too shabby at gardening (I’ve been told I have a green thumb).

On a professional level, here are the skill-sets that I’ve developed a proven track record of over the years: (since 1997, but who’s counting)

  • Master Communicator and Listener. Unfortunately, it’s a lost art these days.
  • Strong Negotiator, capable of protecting my clients’ equity
  • Honest & Diligent work ethic (Yes, I’m one of the few with ethics in sales)
  • Natural Leadership and patience, have you seen how much paperwork is needed?
  • Grabbing Attention, AKA Marketing (I got you to ready this far, didn’t I?)
  • and a good Sense of Humor apparently. I do take Real Estate Seriously, just not myself!


What do clients really think of you?Buyers and sellers love The Steve Turner Best Agent in Central PA

I’m probably biased, so my clients are better suited to answer this for you. Here’s what some of them have said:


Not only did Steve sell my home in just 15 days, he went above and beyond to make the entire process smooth for me.”
Lynda R.  New Cumberland, PA


Steve is one of the most knowledgeable, energetic and driven professionals I’ve met!’
Aaron R. Mechanicsburg, PA


He took strong initiative to pro-actively solve problems and deliver better than expected results.”
Diane W.  York, PA


Steve is a true professional. His knowledge and experience has propelled him to the top of the industry” 
L. Wolf Lancaster PA


Award winning realtor Steve Turner

Aren’t there some accomplishments you’re willing to share?

Each and every family I’ve helped has been a personal victory and accomplishment I’m proud of. I’ve just never been one to brag, but since you asked nicely, I’ll share a few of my successes others may have taken note of:

  • 2000 Custom Home Sales Person of the Year for MD/PA/DE region by Builder's 1st Choice
  • 2001 & 2002 Top Selling Professional for CDG Homes (York County)
  • 2004 Winner of Harrisburg Pyramid Award for Most New Single Family Sales
  • 2006 Became Certified Instructor of CSP Course by National Association of Home Builder’s
  • 2013 Multi-Family Home, Sales Person of the Year, by HBA
  • 2014 Established New Home Specialists Team at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
  • 2015 Led the team that sold & settled 146 Brand New Homes
  • 2017 Top 3 Agents in Central PA Ranked by (#1 York, #3 in Cumberland Co)


Bottom Line, I Know You Don’t Want an Agent. Nobody Does! 
You Really Want Someone Who Can Help You Buy Or Sell The Home Without Hassles And For The Best Price Possible.

That’s What I Do And Why You Want Me On Your Side!