April Fools Day, Just another day in Real Estate

Real Estate

So it's April 1st or April Fools Day, as they say. Yet in my world or real estate, it's just another day.

As others use this day to play practical jokes and get their friends all wound up, I choose to have fun like this every day in my business. Also dealing with the pranks and being deceived is just part of the job when selling new homes in Cental PA for me, or so it seems.

Sometimes you'll hear agents in York, Harrisburg or Mechanicsburg utter the phrases such as: "Buyers are liars!" Or "Sellers are Scum". Personally, I don't like speaking that way about folks I work with. Instead, I see it as Buyers are Confused/lacking education or not aware. I don't believe they are trying to lie, they just don't know what they don't know sometimes.

No matter if you're a buyer or seller, I find that if you're working with a true TRUSTED Real Estate Professional (you know, someone like me) then you will usually open up more. Instead of being so cautious and protective, you'll be able to deeply communicate your true desires and intent. Once that happens, your REALTOR will be able to serve you better.

Anyway, back to the fun stuff. Check out my quick video for how agents feel on April Fools Day.